The first step towards a quality product is the research phase and later, the development of the prototypes.
Industrias Mansilla knows this and for that reason it devotes a large part of its annual economic effort to the Research, Development and Innovation Area (R+D+I).

The experience and qualification of the professionals of Industrias Mansilla has allowed it to develop a wide range of finishes recognized for their contributions in integral solutions and perfect adaptability to the different machines for which they were designed.

In an increasingly competitive global market, being the first to launch a product to the market is essential. With its agility and efficiency, Industrias Mansilla can help you shorten the product development time.

We work together with our clients in the design, development and manufacture of customized cabins to meet increasingly demanding needs.

With a high percentage of its production destined to export, Industrias Mansilla supplies exclusive developments to the big manufacturers of the sector in all its line of cabins.

cabinas maquinaria construcción